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Ideal VR Lab

Ideal VR Lab

Virtual Reality (VR) Games have been in existence since the 1990s, but it has been only since the explosion in technology advances that VR has been transformed into something new and exciting.

With advancements in technology, the gritty resolution of yesterday has morphed into something more viable today, transforming the screen to allow players to become part of the scene. Between the resolution and the ability to move around in VR, it has become an exciting venture into the virtual world.

Despite its growing popularity, VR captures only 0.7 percent of the market. According to Steam and Games Stats, in June 2018, there were only 400,000 active users. It is cost prohibitive for many would-be players, since a high-end computer and equipment puts it out of reach of the average household.

In the meantime, Ideal Institute of Technology is joining the wave of the future through its Virtual Reality Initiative. Ideal wants to use its VR Lab to bring educational development and fun to Atlantic County and beyond.
Ideal VR Lab will be used as a learning tool in summer camp and weekly classes, focusing on topics such as animation, electronics/robotics, drone technology, and math enrichment programs.

In addition to educational program offerings, Ideal VR Lab will be available for private, social events as well.

It is our hope that Ideal’s venture into Virtual Reality will provide a new depth for all in understanding and participating in the new technology of the future. This new venture enhances Ideal Institute’s vision to develop an IT workforce that will position southern New Jersey as the next Silicon Valley through incorporating fast growing technology programs into the culture of our region, one student at a time.