Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Mall. Your Brand and Your Chance to Get in Front of a Big Audience. 

Hamilton Mall offers an exceptional opportunity to local, regional, and national companies to boost brand awareness, enhance exposure, market products and services, and engage our guests through customized sponsorship campaigns.

We will create value, drive behavior change, and reinforce your brand by utilizing our assets through a unique marketing strategy, helping you gain a competitive advantage to an audience of receptive consumers.

Our staff is dedicated to creating a “win-win” partnership with your company; and in doing so, we will carefully listen and analyze your marketing objectives, help maximize your goals, and ensure impactful results!

Performance Media

  • 14′ x 8′ Sky Banners
  • 22” x 28” Lollipop Signage
  • Banner Bugs
  • Barricade Signage
  • Bulkhead, Beam, and Column Graphics
  • Elevator Wraps
  • Double-sided Escalator Graphics
  • Website Exposure
  • Floor, Door, and Table Decals
  • Bus Stop Panels

Amenity Opportunities

  • Children’s Play Area
  • Deep Sea Carousel
  • Customer Service Area
  • Holiday Set
  • Hamilton Mall Events


  • Interactive Product Engagement
  • Product Displays

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Want to learn more? Contact the Mall Management Office:  609.646.8326